Fullstack- the dream skill set

Not just about ‘Know How’, now you can ‘Show How’

The complete software developer, who works on cloud or what you can also call a full stack developer, is the game changer in the digital revolution. It’s not just about technical know-how, but a broad understanding of all processes and applications involved in technology innovation. Front end skills (user interface development), back end skills (server side programming) and database knowledge coupled with DevOps, and Scrum – is the dream skill set of many organizations today!

Making you a software superhero

The best of software development, MEARN Stack – the only course in India with the unique combination of MEAN stack and MERN stacks making you amongst the most skilled and flexible programmers in the world! This is what will give you the most desired profile of a fullstack developer.

The revolutionary Digital Ecosystem is the new reality and full stack developers are a major part of preparation for the newest digitization wave. Be part of the revolution! Become a programming super hero – the complete package everyone is looking for!

Preparing you for the future… while opening up a plethora of opportunities!

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A unique course for the unique developer – the first in India

When software development on cloud is THE thorough course, IIHT goes one level up by redefining the thorough course by introducing the ultimate variant – the MEARN stack.

As a software developer on cloud you become proficient in the following areas making you a fullstack developer:




Network,Server & Hosting Environment

Interaction of external world and APIs

Interaction of external world and APIs

User Infterface and User Exprience

User Infterface and User Exprience



Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Understanding the Business and client needs

Understanding the Business and client needs

Ability to formulate a technological solution to the need

Ability to formulate a technological solution to the need

Become a master in both!

When the requirement demands quick performance for a dynamic application, then React is a better choice. Angular is used when there is a massive amount of data and functionalities involved.

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The mentor lead training promises to reprogram the way you think through experiential learning. Twenty five years into IT education, IIHT has also worked with a number of enterprises in software development on cloud and thus has valuable insights on how the industry is shaping.

The IIHT advantage:

fullstack course
80% of course time spent in programming
mean stack course
Exposure to programming languages, technology domain and engineering tools.
full stack training
Students develop projects based on industry data sets
fullstack web training
'Real time experience with immersive learning in simulated environment with focus on design, development and deployment
fullstack training institute
Hands-on training with projects
full stack training in bangalore
Outcome-based engagement model
full stack institute in bangalore
Access to digital content, labs and offline support
fullstack training
Placement assistance offered
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MEAN stack may just not be enough. Add the strength of React to the MEAN and turn into the real superhero of developers! The facebook backed React and Google backed Angular are both powerful with top companies choosing either.

A thorough approach for the most thorough of programming courses

mean stack training in bangalore

MEARN with DevOps and Scrum

Communicate, operate and collaborate like a leader!

Being a MEARN stack programmer requires a specific mindset that can not only think broadly in terms of client and server side development, but also in terms of operation, collaboration and communication. Train in DevOps methodologies and learn to work with Scrum, the most acclaimed of project management frameworks. This is what trains IIHT students for managerial roles simultaneously too.

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At IIHT's fullstack programme, you will learn to create web servers with Node.jps and Express, work with MongoDB and NoSQL, build robust REST APIs using Node.js, Express and MongoDB, build single page applications with AngularJS, use ReactJS, add authentication to the MEAN stack, project management and integration, and HTML/CSS/Bootstrap/Java Script.

fullstack web development course

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The candidate should have scored a minimum of 60% in all three – 10th, 12th (or equivalent) and graduation.

Clear the entrance test conducted by IIHT

Ability to think logically

Problem solving attitude

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